Who are your escape rooms designed for?


Are we really locked inside the room?

Our escape games are expertly crafted by our in-house team exclusively for us. Perfect for anyone seeking a fun, unique and exciting time doing something slightly 'different' that will offer your brain a true challenge and sense of achievement if you bust out in time!

Team up with family, friends or colleagues for this simple goal - escape from a "locked" room in 60 minutes or less using nothing but your team's thinking skills, deductive reasoning and logic to solve the mysteries, puzzles and riddles. Rest assured you'll be kept on your toes and the adrenaline will be pumping until the end!

Whilst the escape room experience is completely immersive, players are not physically locked inside and can leave at any point during the game. However, if you leave before the 60 minutes are up, you won't be allowed back in!

How old do I have to be to play?

Whilst there is no age restriction, our games have been designed for adults and we would generally recommend players to be aged 12 and older. Younger children may find the experience too challenging but are welcome to play the game accompanied with adults (aged 16+). Please note that children aged 8 and over will be charged the standard rate.

Do I need any special skills or knowledge to play?

Our games are designed to test your creativity, teamwork skills and ability to think "outside the box". No outside knowledge is required and the games are not physically demanding.

How long will the game last?

You will have 60 minutes to bust out of each escape room but we request that you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled start time to be briefed and receive important instructions. The total experience should last no more than 90 minutes but is all dependant on how quickly your team can escape!

Is the Experience Scary?

The rooms are designed to give you an adrenaline thrill as you race against the clock and the atmosphere in the room reflects this - however, there are no ‘jump scares’ or live actors. We prefer to focus the design of our rooms on the puzzles themselves rather than cheap thrills!

What Facilities Are On-Site?

There is a free car park on-site, free Wi-Fi, free bottled water, seating area, toilet facilities and phone charging stations. Multi-faith prayer facilities are also available.

I’ve Booked but need to add an extra player!

I need to Cancel or rearrange - what are my options?

Not to worry! We recommend booking for the minimum number of players you have confirmed as we can always add on extra players before your game.

Our cancellation policy is very simple - if you need to cancel your booking and inform us more than 24 hours in advance, we can cancel and issue a full refund. If you let us know 2-24 hours in advance, we can reschedule your booking for an alternative date and time at no extra cost. However, if you cancel with less than 2 hours notice or fail to show up for your booking, we are unable to reschedule or refund.