Star in your very own ‘whodunnit’ & discover if you’re the next Sherlock Holmes (or the murderer themselves!)

If you’re looking for the ultimate event for your next corporate team building activity, a truly unique birthday or hen party or even a great night out for a special occasion, then how about a fully interactive, private murder mystery event where you and your guests are the stars of the show?

Unlike traditional murder mystery themed evenings, instead of watching actors play out the roles, you and your guests will enjoy a fully immersive game where everyone is part of the act!

Theme: Hollywood Lies

Set in the modern day, Hollywood Lies takes place during the post-award party for Dazzled to Death, a fabulously successful movie. Deals are being cut for future productions and everyone is having a good time enjoying the atmosphere and mingling with Hollywood's movers and shakers.

However, all is not well as the star, Tom Speed has died suddenly in a car crash last night.

Is there anything suspicious about Tom Speed's death? Was it foul play? Find out by booking your event.

100% Immersive experience

Hollywood Lies is an interactive murder mystery game, so all the players receive complete details of their character, including a detailed backstory, objectives that they must try to achieve, and information about other characters.

They also have item cards (that represent scripts, awards, and so on), and abilities (that let them detect secrets to find out information about other people).

How does it work?

Each event lasts 2-3 hours for 16-32 players. Our murder mystery events are as flexible as you’d like, ideally played over lunch or dinner at either a restaurant selected by us or a venue of your choice.

Murder mystery events can take place in your home, restaurants, hotels, banqueting halls and more!


Murder Mystery Package (includes a professional host, invitations, script, character cards, props and prizes for all): £25pp

Optional Add-Ons

3-Course Meal (at an Indian restaurant): £20pp

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